Quinta da MassôrraVinhos genuínos - Fruta com sabor


The approximate ten hectares are shared by Quinta da Massôrra, Quinta das Cancelas, Leira da Fruta and Ermida. The properties are located in the Douro Valley, in the municipality of Resende, at different altitudes (between 300 and 400 metres).
The property comprises 4 hectares of vineyards, 4 hectares of cherry trees, 1.5 hectares of plum trees and 0.5 hectares of chestnut trees. We also grow more than 20 types of fruit for consumption. It is fruit with an enviable aroma and sweetness – it is fruit which tastes like fruit!
We truly care about the environment and the consumer in all stages of production of our different produce.


The quality of the soil, the abundance of water and the typical climate of the Douro enable us to grow fruit with an astounding flavour and aroma. It is fruit like you have never tasted before!

In addition to the plantation of modern cherry, plum and chestnut orchards, most of the old orchards of Quinta da Massôrra have been renewed in the last few years.
The crops have been grown from dwarf rootstock in order to obtain smaller trees, so that the harvest can be made from the ground.
With the exception of the fruit consumed by the family and that sold direct to tourists, all the fruit produced by us is sold to CERMOUROS, a modern import-export company based in Resende.


All the grapes used for wine-making at the Quinta da Massôrra are grown on our vines planted in the village of S. João de Fontoura in Resende, which borders the regions of the Douro and Vinho Verde.
The vines occupy 4 hectares and have different ages (between 12 and 60 years). They are also planted with differing spacing (between 3500 to 7000 vines/hectare).
For our white wines, we only opted for the grape variety Arinto. For our red wines, however, we chose Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz and Souzão. The older vines were planted in deep terraces which need to be supported by big hand-made granite walls. The most recent vines, however, were planted in modern shallower terraces which were excavated on the Douro’s slopes by powerful machines.
The vines are tended using integrated production, that is to say, using the minimum amount of chemical products possible thus resulting in a high demand for labour.

Wine cellar

The wine cellar is located on the ground floor of Quinta da Massôrra main house and was restored in the year 2000.
It is a small yet well-equipped cellar, which allows us to transform the exceptional grapes we grow into high-quality and original red and white wines.

In the case of red wine, we maintain the tradition of treading our grapes. After taking the grapes from the stalks, they are put into granite presses, pressed by foot and then left to ferment for two weeks. After the pressing, the wine is stored in stainless steel tanks where malolactic fermentation happens. The final process, which may vary depending on the type of wine wanted, takes place in oak wine casks.
In the case of white wine, after the grapes are cooled down in fridges, they are pressed immediately after being de-stalked and then decanted into stainless steel tanks for 36 hours. A part of the white wine ferments in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks while the rest of the wine, which is destined for our Quinta da Massôrra Selected Vintage is fermented in oak wine casks.